Low Countries

Belgii veteris typus
Ortelius, Abraham,  and Visscher, Claes Jansz..  “Belgii veteris typus.”  Map.  1624.  Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center,  https://collections.leventhalmap.org/search/commonwealth:cj82kr92s  
(accessed: 15 November 2018). 

(Digitising) projects at a ‘federal level’.

(NL) For the Low Countries, the project #Republic of the Huygens ING is digitising all resolutions of the Estates General.

(BE) The Royal Commission for Publishing Ancient Laws and Ordinances has been working on publishing ‘Belgium’ legislation since 1846. So far, their publications have been solely published in volumes, but they intend to go digital in the coming years.

Provinces (or ‘gewesten’)

Provinces or ‘gewesten’ as these individual states within the Republic or Habsburg Netherlands were called issued their own normative texts at a provincial level. Cities, too, could issue rules. Digitisations of ‘placardbooks’ (books of ordinances) have been in progress the past years. If already published, you will find links below. 

Northern Netherlands/ Dutch Republic


Groot Gelders placaet boeck

KB Library has them on paper and has provided in a digital version. N.B. what is called “volume 2” online, is actually volume 3. There seems to be a problem with the correct version!

3 volumes + registervolume 1 (Ghent), volume 2 (Google, UU)volume 3.

Holland en West-Friesland + Zeeland (3+ ‘9’ (=3+11) + register)

Hollandts placcaet-boeck (3 volumes)
Three volumes: until 1620(KB) 1620-1645, ‘muntboek‘ (coinage).
The titles make it unclear whether the links to the volumes are correct (needs to be double-checked).

Groot placaet-boeck – Staten van Hollandt en West-Vrieslandt, Staten van Zeelandt

“9” Volumes + register: volume 1 (same at UB-UU), volume 2 (same at UB-UU), volume 3 (same at UB-UU) tot 1682 , volume 4 (same at UB-UU) tot 1700 , volume 5 (same at UB-UU) tot 1720 , volume 6a (same at UB-UU) en 6b tot 1740 , volume 7a (same at UB-UU) en 7b tot 1750 , volume 8 (same at UB-UU) tot 1760 , volume 9 (same at UB-UU) tot 1794 .

N.B. It seems that volumes 2 and 5 are missing from the digitised KB library, though this may just be the cataloguing/ Delpher. As the volume 5 (vifde deel) is also listed as number 6 in Google, but appears to be number 5, and it is claimed that this is digitised from the KB!

Friesland (6 + register)

Groot placaat en charter-boek van Vriesland
The KB Library holds the paper version within the special collection and has contributed to publishing them online. Strangly enough, they do not appear in the catalogue – though google books does refer to scanning KB documents.

6 volumes + register: volume 1,  volume 2, volume 3 (KB), volume 4 (KB) , volume 5, volume 6 (KB).

Lijst ontbrekende oorkondes: hier.

Groningen ende Ommelanden

Several volumes: 16611707 , 1717
City: 1669 (volume 1), 1681 (volume 2)



Costuimen, ordonnancien etc. 1872 (KB, uitgave Oud Nederlands Recht). Question rises whether there is an older version too…



Generale en particuliere ordonnantien volume 1
Landrechten van Over-Yssel,: met de nadere reglementen, resolutien en ampliatien, mitsgaders de hofrechten, Volume 1, volume 2.

Deventer (1644)


Groot placaatboek – s’ Lands van Utrecht

2 volumes + register (same at UB-UU): volume 1 (same at UU-UU), volume 2 (same at UU-UU), volume 3 (same at UU-UU).

Interestingly, the KB holds 19e century volumes and has digitised these, whereas the above links are from the 17-18th century. (Differences in spelling…?)
KB volume 1, volume 2.

Southern Netherlands/ Habsburg Netherlands


6 volumes (divided over multiple books) + register: volume 1, volume 2, volume 3.1, 3.2, volume 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, volume 5.1, 5.2, volume 6.1, 6.2 (Michigan), 6.3.
N.B. due to various spellings of ordinances, placcaet-boeck, placaert-boek it is impossible to find these books within one search-question!
NB2: volume 6.1 is in paper version available in KB.
NB3: I have downloaded 6.1 and 6.3 a few months ago, but google seems to have replaced them all by 6.2! Need to re-search again!


Brabant incl. Limburg and Malines (Bergen-op-Zoom)

10 volumes (divided over multiple books) + register: volume 1, volume 2, volume 3, volume 4, volume 5, forgotten ones in first 5-volumes(?)volume 6, volume 7, volume 8, volume 9, volume 10.
(difficulties finding volume 3 and 4 in catalogue/ online…)


Economic placaets assembled in 1737 (Wouters) – mainly French.

Luxembourg et Comté de Chiny (French, may be bits in German)

KB versions 1835; original (?) version 1691 (University of Ghent).


Namur (Namen) (French)

KB versions/ editions 16821732/6, 1757.